Japan’s New Drink Can Make You Lose Weight

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Would you believe if I told you that soft drinks can make you lose weight? It might be hard for you to accept this, but Japan claims that their latest soft drink can help people attain weight loss. A soft drink called “Pepsi Special” was recently launched in Japan and it was said to have weight loss powers. According to its distributor, its ingredient known as “dextrin” has the ability to minimize your body’s capabilities of absorbing fats. Although this might be the case, can you now conclude that combining soda and pizza will no longer be dangerous to your health?

Based from a 2006 Japanese study;”Rats fed dextrin and fat at the same time absorbed less fat than rats that weren’t fed dextrin. The Japanese government certifies Pepsi Special and another dextrin-containing soda, Kirin Mets Cola, as foods for specific health use.” Joan Salge Blake, a nutrition expert for Boston University and spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics said;”But what works for rats may not work for people, and anyway. There’s no study that shows that putting dextrin in a beverage is going to cause weight loss. After all, soda has a fair amount of calories.”

If you’re not familiar with “dextrin”, it is actually a kind of fiber. Since it has low viscosity and is soluble in water, it would not have a negative effect on the taste of the beverage. Blake continued;”Eating a diet rich in fiber can certainly have health benefits. Because fiber stays in the stomach longer, keeping us feeling full, it can help decrease appetite.” How does fiber help in weight loss? Joan Blake further related;”Fiber attaches to some of the cholesterol in the digestive tract, preventing the body from digesting it and possibly helping lower blood cholesterol levels. But it isn’t clear that a dose of fiber in a drink will provide those effects. That requires a fair amount of fiber and from multiple sources.” If you want to lose weight, drink Pepsi Special but you have to go to Japan first because it isn’t available in any other country as of the moment.


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