Is It True that Running to Lose Weight Can Kill You?

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Well, of course, that is, if you’re not careful and watching where you’re running, and you get hit by a car or fall into a deep ditch. Of course, too much running isn’t also good for you if all you want is to lose weight at the expense of your health.

If you just exercise properly and go running or jogging maybe twice or three times a week, in no way can this kill you. In fact, there are no studies or research findings that ever found running or jogging to cause any short term or long term mortality rates. In fact, all studies or research conducted for running shows that this form of exercise actually increases life longevity.

One Swedish research did try to find out if strenuous jogging or running can have negative effects on health or to lose weight, but the findings were inconclusive and the only negativity that occurred is a participant who died from a heart attack only because that person already had the disease in the first place. On the other hand, even vigorous exercising or running:

  • Is associated with increased duration and intensity durability benefits. In fact, higher intensity physical activity increases cardiovascular health.
  • Gives increased endurance, especially for athletes, and gives a longer lifespan. One example is that marathoners and cyclists tend to live longer.
  • Has been shown to be better than steady or one-position cardiovascular exercising especially for longevity. It becomes even better when running is paired with HIIT interval training.

In fact, the largest groundbreaking study on exercise and health conducted by the Harvard Alumni Health Study especially on the topic to lose weight that followed more than 14,000 men and women between 1977 to 1992 tracked physical activities in conjunction with mortality rates. The researchers found that vigorous activities, and this includes running and jogging, clearly predicted lower mortality rates compared with people with only light to moderate activities. Mortality rates were quite high with people who never exercise at all and whose daily physical activities were near to zero.

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