Is It Really Worth It To Lose Weight?

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Attempting to lose weight is a difficult, struggling, and challenging endeavor by itself. The attempted weight loss effort is further made difficult when dieters are besieged by thoughts that can attack the motivation such as, “Is it really worth it to lose weight?” Perhaps you need to constantly remind yourself of the following:

This discouraging thought is normal

Every dieter who wants to lose weight will stumble on this train of thought from time to time. However, cognitive behavior will tell us that just because we think of this doesn’t mean we believe it to be true and need to act on it.

You only get this negative thought if you’re off track

When you’re solidly on track and doing almost everything right, when your efforts to lose weight are bearing fruit as you see on the scale, then you are motivated to continue. You’re truly motivated that your exercising and dieting are all worth it.

You know that difficult times are normal but never permanent

You know that sometimes you may stray and get off track, or there are days that may seem difficult, but when you review all the past achievements you’ve made and calculated all the weight you’ve lost, then you know that challenges are only temporary.

You know you’ll feel miserable if you stop

Think about all the consequences that will happen if you suddenly went off your diet and stopped exercising. Imagine all the weight that will come back, all that weight that you previously lost will all just return. You’ll never fit into those old clothes when you were younger, and you’ll end up an overweight couch potato. If this train of thought sounds appealing to you, then all your efforts at dieting and exercising from the start were all for nothing.

If it’s not worth it, so what you’re doing now is out of control?

Exercising and dieting isn’t just to lose weight; it’s also all about being healthy and preventing diseases from happening. So saying that dieting and exercising to stay healthy isn’t worth it seems to be saying that all this is out of control.


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