Important Tips to Lose Weight after Having a Baby

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After giving birth, it is but natural for mothers to gain weight. After birthing however, the body will gradually shed what it calls baby weight, though it is a slow process. The body shrinks back to its original state and some mothers will even lose baby weight from 8 to 20 pounds during the first two weeks after having a baby, but for others, the process may be slower or will not happen at all. In fact, the first six months is the critical period to lose weight gained after having a baby. Mothers who have gained considerable weight after giving birth can help the body lose weight. Here are some helpful tips:

1. Boost the body’s metabolism

Knowing the metabolism of your body is the most effective way to lose baby weight. If the metabolic rate is fast, then the mother can lose weight more quickly since the body will require more energy.

2. Take proper rest

According to a 16-year study conducted, sleep actually helps mothers lose those gained baby weight after giving birth. As the body is given its proper due of rest, the metabolic rate will go faster.

3. Energize the body

Exercise is still the best way that mothers can energize their body for losing weight. It is still considered to be the healthiest way also. However, it should not be done excessively right after child birth. Depending on the doctor’s decision, it may take weeks before the mother can do any serious exercise. However, mothers can still do some light exercise to keep the body safe and healthy about 2 weeks after giving birth. Exercise does not have to be in an expensive gym. It can be a light regimen in the home, starting with light stretching exercises. After more than 2 weeks, mothers can move on to medium regimens like walking, light running, and the like.

The tips shown above are just a small part of losing gained weight after having a baby. Eating a proper and balanced diet with fruits and vegetables will also play a large part in restoring the mother’s pre-pregnancy body.


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