If You Work Out in the Morning, You Tend to Lose Weight Even More

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The main points for people who exercise in the morning and the success that accompanies it is that people who do it have more strategy, ritual, and a reward system. It’s easier to stick to a five or six in the morning routine every morning and rewarding oneself at the end of the day, usually after work, is much better than knocking it out at the gym to try to lose weight.

The practicality of why the morning system works is because most professionals find exercising in the morning more refreshing rather than doing it at the gym at the end of the day and already feeling dead tired.

Preparation the night before

Before going to bed at night, those who exercise in the morning lay everything out so that when they wake up they’re not struggling to look for something they need. So you could say that these people are more organized and disciplined.

They follow their alarms

Take it from the Chinese business practice: When the alarm rings in the morning, the Chinese entrepreneur hits the floor running. This is another form of discipline, and if you really want to lose weight, you need to stay disciplined. So when the alarm sounds, get up from the bed right away and get ready to exercise.

They drink water when they wake up

You start to dehydrate when you’re asleep. Well, you’re sleeping for six to eight hours without drinking water, so why wouldn’t you dehydrate. So as soon as you wake up, drink at least a tall glass of water. It’s better if it’s a glass of lemon water so your body gets a natural detox. The alkaline in lemon water aids the digestive system and balances the body’s PH.

They eat a little something before going out the door

A banana or an apple before exercising gives the body some energy. Other combinations can be oats with cinnamon or a small egg omelet or a peanut butter sandwich. Remember not to fill up too much or else you won’t be able to exercise properly and you won’t lose weight.


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