How To Stop Emotional Eating

Feeling stressed, angry, or bored? Hungry or not, do you check out the refrigerator or vending machine?

Mood-triggered eating can turn into poor nutrition that leads to excess calories and unwanted weight gain. That may cycle to more negative feelings—perhaps guilt or poor self-esteem.

So stress won’t get the best of you, Here’s some tips on How To Stop Emotional Eating:

  • Try positive self-talk. Forget what’s wrong; think of one or two things that feel right. If it helps, talk aloud.
  • Work it off with exercise. Don your walking shoes and take a brisk walk. Turn on some music and relax muscle tension as you move to the beat.
  • Give yourself permission for a “time-out.” Try a bubble bath, soft music, a relaxing book, or giving a hug to someone who needs it as much as you do.
  • Get professional help if you need it!
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