How to Lose Weight and Stay Sexy for Life

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There are several ways to lose weight but are there methods to keep off the weight forever? Yes, there are! In fact, I will share them with you now in this article so pay attention. The first thing you need to do to drop off the excess pounds and stay fit for the rest of your life is to keep a daily food diary. Recording the foods you eat will make you accountable for everything you put into your mouth. If you review all of the things you wrote later on, you’ll be surprised at how much you’ve eaten and will be moved to reduce your food intake. Did you know that stress is the number one killer of the ideal body?

It’s because it will make you eat more than you should to justify the stress that you’re feeling. If you’re feeling stressed lately, look for an activity that you can do instead of stress eating. Why not go to the mall, have a walk with your loved one in the park or go to the beach? These are the best ways to fight stress. Another good way to lose weight and stay slender forever is by reducing the amount of food you eat. According to Lisa Young, PhD, RD and author of The Portion Teller Plan;”If you’re a woman and want to eat the same foods as your metabolism-busting man, aim to eat about a third less of your meal than he does.”

If you’ve just been on a break-up with your boyfriend, this may make you feel good to eat a lot of food. However, do not overdo it. Instead of curling up in your sofa and binge on ice cream, eat yogurt instead. It would also be good to get out of your house to remove your mind from the pain of your recent breakup. Who knows, you might meet someone interesting while you’re out? The holidays are drawing near and if you are not wise, you might end up eating all sorts of unhealthy foods in parties and social events. To make sure you stay fit during the holiday season, drink a sugar-free hot cocoa with Peppermint Schnapps instead of eggnog. Choose pumpkin pie over pecan pie and always carry a drink wherever you go to prevent yourself from munching on the goodies. By following all these tips, there’s no way that you won’t be able to lose weight and keep the weight off permanently.


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