How to Have Weight Loss, Eat Healthy, While on the Tightest Budget Ever

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Eating healthy for weight loss is not only a lifestyle change, but can also be a necessary decision in order to cut down on excess weight and to avoid gaining weight-related diseases like cardiovascular issues. But what if your healthy eating choices are draining your bank money, or you’re already on a tight budget firsthand?

So, what happens when your tight budget is making you decide between a 25-cent ramen packet and spending some $25 on ingredients just for one healthy dish that you need to cook at home? First of all, you don’t really need to spend a fortune just to eat healthy for weight loss. There are many ways to shop and cook healthy dishes on the cheap and still eat healthy.

Buy foods that are in-season

Today, thanks to the globalization of the food market, you can buy any food stocked in the grocery that is in-season. When shopping for ingredients in the supermarket, know which foods – especially vegetables and fruits – are in-season and which are being stored for a long time. In-season means cheaper prices and better taste.

Stretch as far as you can

If you’re cooking for yourself, you can easily save. But if you’re cooking for two or more, it’s sort of hard to save on money when purchasing ingredients. Your fear is always something may go bad in a few days. Simply plan wisely and use ingredients up by planning meals with the same vegetables or grains. You can also make large batches and freeze and eat later.

Buy non-perishables in bulk so you save more

Non-perishables like canned food, beans, and grains can be stored away longer than veggies. Try stocking up on these when they go on sale even if you don’t need them just yet. Canned tuna is very useful since these can be easily added to salads. Not only do you help with your weight loss in this way, but you also help your wallet as well. In fact, in supermarkets, you save a lot when you buy beans or legumes in bulk.

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