How To Find Time To Workout

Do you work in a daily workout? Too busy? Overloaded family demands and workday? You don’t need to make a huge time commitment to make health-promoting moves.

For an everyday active lifestyle, here are some tips on How To Find Time To Workout:

  • Put physical activity on your calendar. Schedule it for first thing in the day or before preparing supper. Like brushing your teeth, make active living a habit.
  • Divide it up. Four 15-minute moves add up to the 60 minutes of moderate activity health experts advise.
  • Make it fun. Pedal around the neighborhood. Play Frisbee with your kids. Dance! Do some heavy gardening.
  • Think of a missed opportunity or two. Try walking with friends or family while you catch up on their news. Can you eat a quick lunch, then walk?
  • Forget the guilt. If you miss a few days, just start again. It’s okay!
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