How to Diet on Valentine’s Day

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It’s Valentine’s Day! While it is true that this day of the year is when lovers would celebrate their relationships and people are inclined to be romantic, it is also a time where people are likely to engage in unhealthy eating habits. It’s because this is when people would exchange candies, chocolates and pastries to show their love to one another. Aside from that, couples are also likely to dine out and get drunk during this day. If you are a health conscious person and do not want to deviate from your diet on Valentine’s Day, here are some tips that you can follow to achieve just that.

  • Cook for your loved one. – Instead of joining other couples in crowded restaurants, why not prepare a special dinner for your special someone? You can cook healthy dishes and enjoy a sumptuous dinner together without gaining weight. Not only will you be able to control the foods you eat but you can also help your loved one stay healthy. Just spice up your meal with some candle light and a glass of wine to give a romantic feel to your dinner.
  • Politely decline to a box of chocolate. – Before the V-day arrives, inform your partner that you would not like to receive a box of chocolate or any type of sweets on that day. By doing so, your beloved would know that you are serious with your fitness goals all throughout the year. You can recommend other types of gifts that you’d like to receive on this special day which has nothing to do with food.
  • Make healthy sweet treats. – If you are planning to give your partner something sweet this Valentine’s, why not prepare them yourself? Bake your own healthy sweet treats for your partner. Just be sure to make healthy swaps in your ingredients to cut the calories.
  • Don’t forget to control your portions. – Although Valentine’s Day is made for celebrating, it is not enough reason to forget your diet or your weight loss goals. When you are dining out with your partner, keep your portion sizes small to refrain deviating from your diet.
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