How Did Matthew McConaughey Achieve Extreme Weight Loss So Quickly?

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If you saw the most recent pictures of Matthew McConaughey, you will be shocked to see his current extremely slender physique! At first sight, you may think that this isn’t normal and may even wonder what kind of illness the “Magic Mike” actor might be suffering. Relax and take a deep breath because Matt is just trying to lose weight for a new movie role in his upcoming film “The Dallas Buyer’s Club”! Why does he have to lose so much weight? It’s because his role in the movie is an HIV patient.

According to Matthew;”I’m losing weight. I’ve got a role coming up in the middle of September. I’ve lost about 15 pounds, I’ve gotta lose about 15 more.” That seems to be a very difficult task to accomplish but Matt refuses to think so. So how does is he able to achieve this sudden and extreme weight loss? He further explained that he plans to take in almost all liquids, that’s his nutrition plan. He says;” I am drinking a lot of tea. It takes a while for your body to understand that it has to feed off of itself and that you’re not going to give it something else from the outside.”

Definitely unbelievable! Can you survive that kind of diet? Well if Matthew can, why can’t you? But this type of diet is rather a little bit too extreme. What he did to attain weight loss for a role was similar to what Anne Hathaway also did for her role in Les Miserables. Anne said; “I lost the first 10 [pounds] in three weeks through a detox and then I lost the subsequent 15 in 14 days by doing food deprivation and exercise, which I don’t recommend.” You can just see what actors and actresses have to go through to fit into those roles!

Although their weight loss techniques are effective, they are not good to follow. You might end up getting sick if you follow them. The best thing for you to succeed in your weight loss goal is to have a healthy and balanced diet combined with regular exercise. These methods may not give you quick results like what celebrities were able to achieve but these are beneficial to your body.


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