Healthy Diet Habits for Children and Adults As Well

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One thing that parents usually forget to counsel their children is healthy diet habits. The healthy eating habits that children pick up when they are young definitely help them maintain a healthy lifestyle when they grow up. It is estimated that over 33 percent of children below 12 years old are overweight or obese. Bad eating habits, addiction to junk food, and a high content of sugar and unhealthy fats in the daily diet are the main culprits.

Develop Good Eating Habits At Home

Reports by the American Dietetic Association estimate that French fries make up 25 percent of children’s “health food.” Vegetables and fresh fruits are mostly found with higher income groups. Juices constitute about 40 percent of a child’s daily diet. This is well if the juices are fresh and natural, but, when they are filled with artificial sweeteners, it can wreck health in the long run. One effective way to improve the child’s food habits is to prepare a variety of healthy foods in the home.

Kids with weight problems should never be forced on a restrictive diet. Desperation to see a child lose weight can sometimes lead to extremities. The results can be quite disastrous. A healthy step towards a healthy diet is for the family to eat meals together on a regular basis, most especially breakfast and dinner. Families can also watch each other’s daily diet and make sure nothing unhealthy lands on the table.

Be a Good Role Model to Your Kids

While doing all the lecturing and counseling about healthy foods, it is very important to be a good example. It’s normal for kids to emulate their parents. Setting good eating examples means setting the examples yourself. Avoid tempting kids to eat a healthy meal by offering dessert as rewards. It can backlash later and lead to indulgence eating. Establish a permanent time schedule also for snacks since this helps overcome the unhealthy habit of snacking at odd hours.

School lunches are another area where the child usually indulges in eating the wrong type of food. Lunch breaks are not that long, but long enough to indulge in quick fix snacks. If indulged in regularly this can lead to unhealthy eating. Encourage kids to drink bottled water rather than sodas or sugary drinks. Parents should pack their kid’s school lunches themselves to ensure that kids aren’t buying unhealthy foods.

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