Have You Heard About the “Fat Letters” for Kids to Lose Weight?

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“Fat Letters” are simply letters that schools are sending home to the parents of overweight kids, like a bad report card, a warning notice for the kids to lose weight. These letters have created an uproar, kids being traumatized, parents insulted and outraged, and school staffs unhappy conducting a program that many of them hate. Being overweight is probably the most painful experience of any childhood. You can’t imagine making it worse by having the school involved, singling out overweight kids by sending home letters as if report cards and teacher conferences weren’t bad enough. Many schools don’t seem to realize that it’s doing more harm than good, giving more traumatizing effects on the kids and parents.

More than 10 years ago, the CDC sounded the alarm about the growing obesity epidemic, and fighting it has become a part of our culture today. Michelle Obama brought childhood obesity to national prominence in 2008 and schools have become the front line in the battle. However, they’ve gotten as many things wrong as they’ve gotten right. For one thing, they have no idea what harm they are doing with the kids. When you grow up as a fat kid, you don’t generally talk about it; it is a nightmare every day, getting bullied, being put on diets, feeling bad about yourself. Schools and school boards have no idea how devastating bringing home a “fat letter” is. It’s emotionally traumatizing for the kids.

For parents, if your child is overweight, don’t wait for a “fat letter,” and don’t be alarmed or angry if you get one. However, don’t count on the school being able to help your kid to lose weight or solve the problem because they don’t actually know how. Mothers are the most important and most powerful people in the world related to solving childhood obesity. If the home supports habitual behavior that produces obesity, your child doesn’t stand a chance to lose weight, no matter what the schools do. The child will lead the life of an obese kid, almost guaranteed to become an obese and sick adult. The only way an obese child can change is if the home and family changes, and that will only happen when mom says it will.


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