Getting Any Older?

At least you may not feel any older! You can’t stop time, but eating smart and moving more may slow the biomarkers, or physical changes, of aging and help you feel younger longer. These biomarkers include:

  • Your muscle mass and strength. Adults lose about 7 to 8 pounds of muscle a decade.
  • Your body’s fat. With age, body fat replaces muscle. It adds up especially around the midriff, where it’s riskier.
  • Your rate of energy use. For basic work, your body uses about 2 percent less energy for every decade.
  • Your bone density. Bone loss is part of aging.
  • Your “numbers.” Cholesterol and blood sugar levels often go up with age, increasing, respectively, heart disease and diabetes risks.
  • Your body’s thermostat. A sense of thirst diminishes.
  • Your aerobic capacity. With age, the body doesn’t use oxygen as efficiently.

You can slow these physical changes—even reverse some:

  • Stay physically active. Regular moderate activity helps keep muscles strong, pumps oxygen to muscles, burns energy faster, and promotes healthy weight and healthy “numbers.” If weightbearing, activity helps keep bones stronger.Move more today.
  • Eat smarter. Enjoy more fruits, vegetables, and whole-grain products, fewer high-fat foods, enough calcium-rich foods, and enough calories for a healthy weight. Take one step toward smarter eating today.
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