For Those in Dire Need to Lose Weight, You Need to Know that Obesity Needs a New Approach

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It would seem that it isn’t only Facebook that contains an “It’s Complicated” status, but obesity as well. Obesity itself and the global obesity epidemic have become so complicated that experts need to find a new approach to getting people to lose weight, let alone totally getting rid of obesity. Unfortunately, obesity rates all over the world are continuing to rise and almost a third of the world population are either in desperate need to lose weight or are losing the obesity offensive.

The problem with society and so-called experts is that they haven’t laying the realistic foundations against the true causes. For instance, there has been this constant debate as to whether obesity is something people bring on themselves or is caused by the environment. The reality here is that both are true and play a role. Another is whether the responsibility of obesity should lie in the actions of society or the individual, and again the reality of taking action should come from both.

Probably the biggest debate is from whether the consumption of unhealthy food is because of a surplus supply of it, or too-large demand for it, and whether government should regulate the food industry. The new approach to either lose weight or control obesity rates now lies in combining all the factors mentioned above, though trying to control the food manufacturing industry is a long shot at best. Therefore, any efforts towards a new approach to fight obesity combines personal and societal efforts as well as government efforts that are outside of the food manufacturers.

The first broad area to be approached should be the food environment itself, and here the governments can clamp down on nutrition labeling, advertisement restriction, and introduce processed food taxes. The next area is the food system itself, and again, government can issue supply-chain incentives for production. The last area is where society and the individual needs to unite to do battle: Behavior-change and communication using such efforts as nutrition counseling interventions and public awareness campaigns on the correct diet and exercise.

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