Exploring Weight Loss and What Can Be Learned about Losing Pounds

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What is to be shared here is based on studies on numerous diet and exercise plans, numerous experts, and people successful on weight loss. Being overweight can be psychologically devastating. The common feeling among overweight or obese persons is that they feel demeaned and prejudiced against. Unfortunately, like the old prejudice of anti-Semitism, many in our society believe being overweight is a character flaw.

People should just cut their portion sizes, start exercising, and stop complaining. In a study conducted in Sweden, researchers found that the obese suffering from poor mental well-being was worse than in chronically ill or injured patients, such as cancer survivors and spinal cord injured persons. No one can truly identify the reasons for the obesity epidemic. It is a complex problem. Is it sedentary jobs? Is it the ready availability of foods which are high in calories and low in nutrition? Is it too much time spent watching television?

Is it lives that are so hectic that people grab the nearest available meal regardless of nutritional value? Is it the way our food is produced, using hormones, and antibiotics to increase growth rates? According to the experts, it is all of these factors and more. It is hard to lose and maintain weight loss. The same Swedish obesity study found that in follow-ups from 2 to 10 years post-weight loss, subjects’ average weight loss was in the 1 percent range. So, how does one successfully lose weight and maintain that weight loss?

One Has to Be Ready

For any weight loss effort, an individual has to be ready to focus on their goal. No focus, no weight loss.

Consistency and Focus Are the Keys

Weight gained over a long period of time cannot be lost in a few days, or even a few weeks. It is by putting together strings of days, weeks, and months of following whatever regimen an individual chooses that weight loss is achieved.

One Size Does Not Fit All

There are many paths to lose weight and better health. What works for one individual cannot for another. A person who wants to lose weight will have to decide what regimen meets their needs.

It Requires A Commitment to Lifestyle Change

Successful individuals changed the kinds and amounts of food they eat, and began to include some form of exercise in their routine. This commitment to lifestyle change doesn’t end when the weight is lost. The lifestyle change must be permanent.

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