Exercise Does Not Only Help You Lose Weight, It also Minimizes Stress

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According to the latest US study, exercising even if you don’t want to has several benefits. It can not only help you lose weight but it can also reduce the stress and anxiety that you’re feeling. Based from the findings of a study conducted by researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder, when a person is being forced by a gym trainer or doctor to exercise, this can lead to depression, anxiety and stress reduction. Aside from that, several studies in the past also prove that individuals who often exercise were less likely to suffer from stress-related disorders.

Although this might be the case, scientists would want to know if exercise has the same effect on individuals if they’re not forced to do it. To arrive at a conclusion, they did a study on it and have Benjamin Greenwood, an assistant research professor in the University’s Department of Integrative Physiology, lead the research together with a team of researchers. He and his team created a lab experiment and rats were used in this trial. For a period of six weeks, they compared the behavior of the rates on the experiment. Some of the rats were lazy and sat around all day but others loved to exercise and ran on a wheel.

After that, the rats were divided in two groups. The first group only ran on the wheel as they pleased while the second group was made to run on a fixed schedule. When the six weeks was over, the rats were placed in an area with a laboratory stressor and then on the next day, their anxiety levels were tested. It was found that the rats that exercised both forced and not was able to deal with fear for a long time and did not freeze immediately. On the other hand, those rats that didn’t exercise took only a short time to freeze when faced with stressful or terrifying situations. In short, exercise can help greatly in reducing stress and anxiety not just allowing one to lose weight.

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