Even If You Modify the Mediterranean Diet, You’ll Still Have Weight Loss

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Even if you modify the Mediterranean diet to suit your lifestyle or weight needs using local foods, the result will still be effective weight loss and the adjustment to the diet will be much easier. It has been shown and proven that people doing the Mediterranean diet but used more familiar or local foods and portion controlled some like sweets had considerable weight loss after 12 weeks when paired with regular exercise. They were also able keep the weight off even after one year. According to a study conducted by the Gottingen University Medical School in Germany, and as published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, even modified Mediterranean diets high in olive oils and nuts still helped people have considerable weight loss and prevented heart disease and other cardiovascular diseases.

However, some people or areas outside of Europe certainly need to adjust the Mediterranean diet or else they may find it difficult to stick with the healthy eating program. The study tested some 250 overweight or obese Swedish adults on a modified type of the diet and to follow this diet up to the end of the testing period. Aside from still using olive oil and nuts, the modified diet used other substitutes from local flavors like walnuts, walnut oil, canola oil, and butter flavored canola oil. It also controlled the portions of sweets with the diet. After 12 weeks, all the participants lost an average of over 11 pounds while the average waist measurement shrunk by around two inches.

Comparing their data to past studies of the Mediterranean diet in its original form, the findings were almost consistent with each other. After a year, 72 percent of the participants were able to keep off the weight that they previously lost. In fact, this 72 percent kept losing an average of around 9 pounds every 12 weeks when they stuck to the diet. Their cholesterol levels also improved. Many medical and nutrition experts already were in the knowledge that the Mediterranean diet allowed for some flexibility and would still retain its effectiveness at weight loss.

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