Eliminate Empty Carbs from Your Diet to Achieve Better Complexion

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Is your face filled with pimples or acne? If that is the case, then it is advisable that you minimize your intake of empty carbs and sweets. Based from recent research, there is a big connection between diet and pimples. According to several studies, a high-glycemic index foods diet can lead a person to grow acne and pimples on the skin. Jennifer Burris, nutrition researcher of the New York University said;”High-glycemic index foods are typically processed foods, high in white flour.” It is a well known fact that processed foods are bad for the health so this explains the bad effects of a diet that solely revolves around these foods. Some good examples of high-glycemic index foods include; white rice, whit bread, crackers and pasta.

Before we discuss things further, do you know what glycemic index is? It is actually a type of system that calculates how fast your blood glucose levels rise once you’ve eaten foods that are sweet and rich in carbohydrates. Recently, it has been claimed by an article published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics that acne and nutrition have a co-relation with one another. The researchers evaluated 27 studies that had to do with the connection between diet and acne. After going through all this evidence, they came across some studies that featured teens aged 15-25 years old who had pimples or acne on their skin.

The studies revealed that the youngsters who followed a low-glycemic diet experienced a reduction in their inflammatory acne lesions. While it is true that the studies were only a few, the discovery from them is of high value. Why is it that if people reduce their intake of high-glycemic foods, their acnes become lesser? According to the researchers;”Foods that spike blood sugar can also increase hormones. The hormones can stimulate oil production, which in turn, can trigger acne.” Although more extensive research is required to prove these claims, the studies that they evaluated already proved the correlation between diet and acne. That is why if you want to achieve better skin and get rid of acne, eliminate empty carbs or high-glycemic foods from your diet.

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