Don’t Lie to Yourself So You Can Lose Weight

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Things you should never do:

  • Travel with a cooler filled with grilled chicken and water
  • Eat in front of a mirror
  • Insist you have thyroid disorder when you can’t lose weight
  • Join a gym on the 1st of January

You know your limits and don’t plan on adopting any nutty lose weight strategies. Before approaching any goal, you have to know who you are and what you’re really willing to do. Acknowledging your limits is just as important as clearly defining your objectives. You don’t need a doctor or expert to reveal your limits, and there’s a chance they’ll expose a few weaknesses.

Overstating how well you take care of yourself serves you far worse when you don’t have the ‘body of evidence’ to prove it, but we still do it all the time.

We don’t want to admit that we love watching TV, sink money into gym memberships we never use, or that the real reason we make our kids chocolate chip cookies is to satisfy our own cookie cravings. We continue to lie to ourselves and then find it shocking when we don’t lose weight.

To prove this, start a food journal and keep to it every day for at least a month. If we all wanted to track what, when, and why we eat, the first pattern that arises is your lying. In fact, in that one month, we dare you to list down what you clearly and deliberately omitted.

Realizing the need to break these bad habits, a realistic plan is crucial. There is little that happens in life that isn’t part of a plan. It doesn’t necessarily mean making really drastic changes to lose weight, but it does show what you’re facing ahead of time.

So these are the things you should do starting today:

  • Instead of staring into a cavernous fridge, you should know exactly what to reach for before you open the door.
  • When making your kids breaded chicken, prepare grilled chicken for your husband and yourself.
  • When your friends ask what they can bring over for dinner, just tell them to bring the flowers or a bottle of wine.
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