Dine Out and Still Lose Weight

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When you’re on a diet, dining out can be quite a challenge because it seems that everything on the menu can make you fat! Don’t pressure yourself too much. While it is true that cooking your own meals at home can help you lose weight, it is no fun at all and this can lead you to go back to your old eating habits. To prevent that from happening, you can still dine out every now and without gaining a lot of weight. With the help of these tips, that can be possible.

  • Take a look at your options. – Before you order, don’t forget to scan all of your options. Try to find foods that will not hurt your diet. Make sure to avoid foods tagged with the words; fried, glazed, battered, crispy and creamy.
  • Clean proteins are good for you. – When it comes to the choice of foods, steamed, grilled or broiled clean proteins are best for you. If possible, request for sauces on the side because most of them have sugar, gluten, dairy or soy in them.
  • Switch your drinks with water. – Drinking cocktails can make you gain weight because they contain a lot of sugar. Due to this reason, you must alternate it with water to minimize your consumption. You can start drinking one and then follow it with a glass of water, then later on add another until you don’t need to have one anymore.
  • Tea for dessert. – If you want to have dessert that’s friendly on your hips, choose to have tea. By doing so, you’ll be able to relax and finish your meal without feeling guilty.
  • Keep your eyes on your plate. – When dining out with friends or family, don’t mind what your companions are ordering. You must also ignore what they might think about your order. Their goals are not the same as yours which is why you must not feel sad that you’re ordering healthier options. You are the one trying to lose weight, not them.
  • Don’t think that it’s the “Last Supper”. – If you are used to eating less during the day to make sure you feel hungry during your big dinner out, you’re not doing it right at all! To prevent you from overeating during night time, eat a normal breakfast and lunch.


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