Diet Tips that Help You Fight Hormonal Imbalance

Nowadays, many women especially those who are undergoing menstrual or menopausal stages are experiencing many hormonal fluctuations. The reason why many women suffer from hormonal fluctuations is because they gained some extra weight and stress. This then affects women’s emotional state. Most of the time, women are suggested to undergo HRT or hormonal replacement therapy to bring back the normal level of hormones. But the problem with this type of treatment is that is had side effects and is not always safe. Due to this reason, it would be best to adjust one’s diet in order to fight this ailment. According to health experts, eating natural foods helps correct this disorder.

So what types of foods should be added to a woman’s diet to beat hormonal imbalance? The first one is flax seeds. In what way does it help correct this problem? What it does is that it neutralizes the result of estrogen levels by checking its growth. Aside from that, these seeds also have the ability to rebuild hormonal imbalance in a person’s kidney, thyroid and pancreas. Moreover, it also contains omega 3 fatty acids which are needed to produce and modify hormone’s intensity. Nuts are also helpful in fighting hormonal imbalance. Some of the most popular nuts are the following; pine nuts, almonds, pistachios and cashew nuts.

Nuts have monounsaturated fats like Palmitoec and Oleic which create hormones that beat hormonal imbalances. In addition, they also have anti-oxidants and protein which help regulate hormones. That is why eating nuts everyday is good for your health. Avocados also have 20 essential vitamins that aid in maintaining good health for your brain and glands. This fruit also have B9 which improve the circulation of blood. Furthermore, it also forms great correlations between the endocrine system and nervous system that enhances hormone emission. Fiber-rich foods are also helpful in fighting hormonal imbalance. Add bran, bananas, oranges, pears, berries and green vegetables to your diet to boost your metabolism and regulate your bowel movement. If you have proper digestion, the easier it will be to flush out all the toxins from your body. Drinking green tea also helps you fight hormonal problems. It balances hormones and contains antioxidants which are good for the body.


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