Diet or Exercise: Who is More of a Winner?

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The debate continues as to what is better for weight loss or better health, diet or exercise. In spite of the continued education efforts that both complement each other, either one can matter most in certain categories. For instance, in terms of losing weight, fighting disease, and boosting energy, which is best? So, here, we crown the champ in each category.

For Weight Loss: The winner – Diet

As research clearly shows, trimming calories from your diet is the most direct route to a smaller tummy and less weight. It’s much easier to cut 500 calories than to spend an hour in the gym burning 500 calories every day, according to preventive medicine research at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center at Louisiana State University. However, both diet and exercise are essential for keeping that weight off.

For More Boosted Energy: The winner – Exercise

Exercise causes the brain to pour out invigorating neurotransmitters like dopamine and norepinephrine, according to 70 studies conducted at the University of Georgia. People who train consistently report surges in energy.

Reducing Risk of Heart Disease: The winner – Diet

If you had to focus on one nutrient that would lower your heart disease risk, it would be omega-3 fatty acids, according to cardiovascular health research at the University of South Dakota. In the studies, omega-3 from fish lower heart disease risk by up to 64 percent. Support this with working out to strengthen your cardiovascular system.

To Prevent Diabetes: The winner – Exercise

Nearly 10 million American women have diabetes. Achieving a healthy weight through diet and exercise is the strongest defense against the disease, but physical activity has a slight edge. Active muscles help keep blood-sugar levels stable by gobbling up glucose from the blood for fuel.

Preventing Cancer: The winner – Diet and Exercise

Eating a mostly plant-based diet and exercising regularly remain the gold standard for warding off cancer. Studies have found, the more consistently you work out, the greater the protection.

To Improve Overall Mood and Health: The winner – Exercise

A 20-minute sweat session can be enough to perk up your mood for a whopping 12 hours, reports a University of Vermont study. It may also be as effective as medication for treating depression. Exercise can lead to changes in the brain that strengthen your resolve against stress.


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