Diet Friendly Tips for Those Who Always Dine Out

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Almost half of all adults eat a sit down or carry out restaurant meal almost every day according to the National Restaurant Association. This is not surprising considering the busy work schedules in executive offices. Besides, the convenience and taste of freshly made food to order is somewhat hard to resist. However, for frequent diners, the potential diet downside is a steady weight gain. An average meal now tops 1,100 calories, more than half the 2,000-calorie-per-day diet total recommended for most adults.

This is what researchers at the University of Toronto found after checking the menus at 19 popular chain restaurants. When you eat or take out a standard restaurant lunch, you’re left with only about 900 calories for everything else, that is, breakfast, dinner, a snack, beverages, and one dessert. Exceeding that by just 500 calories each day can easily translate into a pound of weight gain each week. Because of your busy work, staying away from restaurants might not be the answer. The solution is simply to order well, and here’s how:

Order First and Stay Away from Temptation

Stave off temptation and order a healthy appetizer before your dining partner can order the fried calamari and share.

Pick the Low Calorie Choices

Asking for dressing served on the side keeps your garden salad light. Go for a steamy, filling cup of broth-based vegetable soup instead of the bread and butter.

Look for the “Healthy” on the Menu

Entrees that are grilled, broiled, steamed, or roasted are much lower in calories and fat than main dishes that are pan-seared or fried. Skip the starchy potatoes or rice on the diet and opt for a double order of steamed vegetables.

Save by Splitting

Want to feel satisfied on half the calories? Share a delicious appetizer and entree with a friend. A typical pasta entrée packs about 1,000 calories, but you can cut that to about 300 calories by ordering a diet size.

Savor Dessert in Three Bites

Enjoy even the most decadent dessert guilt-free by savoring it in just three slow, delicious bites. Studies show that people rate the first and last bites as best.

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