Diet and Other Health Ideas to Fight Childhood Obesity

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Here is some short practical advice on what you need to do if your kid or kids are having a childhood obesity epidemic. Helping your child avoid or recover from obesity will not only spare your child, it might also help solve other weight problems in the family.

Clear the house of high-calorie junk food

Snacking and eating as if it was a hobby or a sport has got to go if you want to control your weight. Have plenty of fruit and vegetables for the diet and in the fridge so they have something to grab when they need it. A house full of cookies, snack cakes, chips, candy and ice cream is the house of an obese person.

Feast and party occasionally, not every day

There are no bad calories in any book, but some foods are so calorically dense and addictive that you can only have them on special occasions, and this is not good for the daily diet. Those who have Thanksgiving every day or a party every night are planning on being obese.

Help your child find pleasures other than food

Everyone needs comfort and pleasure, but learning to use food for that is a sure fire way to create a compulsive overeater. Help them to learn how to have pleasure in healthy ways. Swimming, biking, playing with Legos, fishing, crafts, games and friends; these are all ways to make yourself feel good without the calories.

Swim against the current

Don’t go to fast food places unless they have healthy diet selections, which some are starting to have. When they whine for junk food, just say no, as if they were trying to talk you into letting them have drugs.

Become a calorie expert

Buy a calorie guide so you become an expert in portion size and healthy choices. There are no bad foods or bad calories in my mind, but until you get the knowledge of the caloric densities of the food you eat, there is no way to make intelligent choices.

Never use the “D” word

Don’t believe in diet fads and dieting medications. Likewise, never tell a kid you’re putting him on a diet. It will only backfire just as it does with adults.

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