Cook Savvy – Vitamins Are In

Your kitchen is stocked with vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables. Now, how do you get those nutrients to your dinner table? Store and prepare fruits and vegetables with care. Improper food storage and prep can leave some nutrients behind.

To keep more vitamins in, improve one or more of your culinary skills today.

  • Go under cover. Cook fruits and veggies in a covered pot so nutrients that dissolve in water (B vitamins and vitamin C) don’t disappear in steam.
  • Keep the “a-peel.” The edible peel, outer leaves, and area just below the peel contain many vitamins and minerals.
  • Skimp on water. Better yet, steam, microwave, or stir-fry fruits and veggies, so water-soluble vitamins don’t come in contact with water.
  • Cook fast—just until tender-crisp. The shorter the cooking time, the less nutrients are loss. Besides, your veggies will look and taste better.
  • Enjoy raw flavor. Heat destroys some B vitamins and vitamin C. So enjoy fruit and vegetables raw.
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