Can You Lose Weight Through Water Therapy?

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Water therapy is growing in popularity in Pakistan and India to lose weight. Many have discovered that increasing water intake from 5 glasses a day to up to 10 liters is an ultimate formula to lose weight. The water therapy is proven to lose an average of 30kg in a year when paired with a good diet and exercise program.

Approved by Pakistani and Indian medical science, the increased water intake flushes out toxins from the body, preventing water retention, and helps in kidney and liver functions that aids to eliminate waste and break down fat. The increased water intake also results in a feeling a fullness, leading to less food consumption.

According to many people including doctors, a normal regimen for working people can be something like this: drink 10 liters a day, walk for half an hour per day, and make some changes in the diet by avoiding deep fried food and high sugar food. Meat and vegetable curries with chapatti and rice is okay.

Doctors say that the success to lose weight is more about the water. Because of this, there are no health issues to be afraid of. The water therapy even brings down cholesterol levels. Dr. Wafa Ayesh, Director of Clinical Nutrition at the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) endorsed increased water intake, balanced diet, and exercise that should go hand in hand.

She said that to calculate ideal fluid intake, researchers suggest the formula: body weight in kilograms multiplied by 35. So, if your weight is 92kg, multiply this by 35. The sum is 3,220. The first two digits should be read as 3.2 liters. Therefore, you should be drinking a minimum of 4.2 liters, according to Dr. Wafa.

She further explained that water is the healthiest choice for hydration as it is calorie free and doesn’t contain any sugar. Drinking water creates a feeling of fullness, preventing the person from consuming other food, potentially with high calories.

From the viewpoint of water as an aid to lose weight, it also helps prevent dehydration. This can lead to fatigue and increase fat storage due to the buildup of toxins in the kidney and liver. When dehydrated the body begins to store fat instead of metabolizing it.

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