Can Lap-band Provide Long-term Weight Loss?

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Every year, there are 200,000 weight loss surgeries that are performed in the United States alone. Although it is considered to be one of the most well-sought weight loss methods, there are numerous studies that are questioning the safety and effectiveness of lap-band or gastric banding. Due to this reason, a lot of people are no longer using the method to help them lose the extra weight from their bodies. Despite of this, the biggest and longest-running study regarding the procedure has discovered that individuals who followed this method for 15 years were able to have an average weight loss of 60 pounds. It had been also found out that 50% of the lap-band patients had more surgeries to have some adjustments on their bands.

However, only 1 in 20 individuals had their bands taken off. Paul O’Brien, MD of Australia’s Monash University, researcher and pioneer of the lap-band procedure said;”Gastric banding offers an effective, reversible and long-term solution for weight loss as long as patients get good follow-up care and are willing to carefully control the way they eat.” You can find the study in the Annals of Surgery, January issue because it is published there. Paul added;”Placing the band is just the first step in the process. Compliance and follow-up are critically important. There are plenty of people out there doing this surgery without a follow-up program for their patients, and they are setting them up for failure.”

Although this might be the case, the lap-band procedure is the only one in the US which can be reversed. In this procedure, your stomach’s size will become smaller. Its new size is likened to that of a golf ball. In addition, a portion of your small intestine is also bypassed by the procedure to reduce the absorption of calories. Sounds like an intriguing procedure, doesn’t it? Many individuals who have tried it claim that it is effective in helping people attain long-term weight loss. However, some complications cannot be avoided and it is quite expensive too. So before you undergo this type of weight loss procedure, make sure that you are ready for anything that can happen and have a long talk with your doctor first to know the possible side effects that it can give you.


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