Blowing the Nose

Blowing the Nose, clearing mucus and congestion, SINUSES,SNEEZE
The process of clearing mucus and congestion from the nasal passages. Blowing the NOSE generates significant pressure that can force congestion into the SINUSES and eustachian tubes. The best method is to blow through both nostrils with a gentle and steady pressure with the head upright, pausing between blows to allow gravity to help move congestion downward toward the nostrils. Short, hard bursts of blowing can activate a REFLEX action, which commonly occurs after a SNEEZE, in which the nasal passages briefly swell and fill with mucus. Doctors believe this reflex congestion occurs as a protective measure to block harmful substances from entering the nose, as sneezing is a mechanism for ejecting foreign matter from the nose. Applying unscented lotion or aloe to the SKIN around the nostrils helps protect against irritation and INFLAMMATION from frequent nose blowing.
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