Before Going to Bed, Do These 4 Things and You’ll Have Weight Loss the Next Day

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Ever heard of the saying, “proper planning wins battles?” Planning out your weight loss battle strategies will help you win the battle of the bulge. Never expect weight loss to happen overnight, but doing some planning and preparation the night before going to bed can make all the difference when you go out to eat or exercise. Slimming down and being healthier should be your top priority in the fight against weight and disease.

Brown bag for lunch

Not planning ahead simply means weight gain. You can avoid eating a lot of calories during lunch time from the local café’s by packing your own lunch at home. Salads are the best because they’re packed with protein, vitamins, and fiber to keep you full longer. Prepare the salad in a mason jar or plastic Tupperware so it’s easy to carry in a brown bag.

Lay everything out before going to bed

If you’re scheduled to run or workout in the morning, or if you do your exercises all in the morning, then it’s easier to just grab your sports bra or brief, tank, shorts, sneakers, sunglasses, iPod armband, earbuds – in short, everything you need for the next day’s exercises – and lay it out or put them in your gym bag before going to bed. Weight loss exercises realistically do happen almost 90 percent of the time when everything is laid out the night before. This gives you no excuse to skip on a routine. When you make this a habit almost every night, then you make exercising a habit as well.

Cut up everything

You don’t want to return from running or a workout all starving and putting together a not-so-healthy-meal, thus throwing all your exercising out the window and welcoming back the weight you lost. Since you already cut up the vegetables for a salad, cut up the fruits for snacks, cut up the carrots into sticks, and have some potatoes ready for roasting, there’s no reason to cook something else. Or you can cook up large batches of healthy food and store them away for easy heating the next day.


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