Add These Foods to Your Diet to Protect Your Liver

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One of the most important organs in your body is your liver. It is the next largest organ to your skin. The main function of the liver is to remove all the toxins from your body. To prevent overworking your liver and in order to protect it, here are some foods that you must include in your diet to achieve that.

1.       Green Leafy Vegetables – Cleansing components can be found in green leafy vegetables. What they do is that they help eliminate heavy metals that burden your liver. Aside from that, leafy greens can also stimulate your bile thus removing herbicides and pesticides in your food.

2.       Garlic – Garlic contains minerals that activate enzymes in your liver. Because of this, your liver is able to rid your body of all the toxins. Also present in garlic are allicin and selenium, these are nutrients that can shield your liver from damage.

3.       Green Tea – Catechins which are plant antioxidants are in green tea and they can enhance your liver’s function. In addition, they can also stop fat from accumulating in your liver tissues.

4.       Avocados – To prevent your liver from suffering from toxic overload, the glutathione in avocados will do the job for you. Moreover, these fruits can also improve liver health by enhancing its cleansing ability. Recent research shows that if one eats two avocados on a weekly basis, that person’s damaged liver will be healed.

5.       Turmeric – If you add turmeric to your diet, your liver’s damaged cells will be able to regenerate. There are compounds present in turmeric that prevents your liver from getting damaged. Another good thing about it is that it can improve the manufacture of bile. It also improves your gall bladder’s function which in itself is also an organ that detoxifies your body.

Aside from adding these foods to your diet, you must also watch your medications, minimize your alcohol intake and maintain a healthy diet to make sure that your liver is always protected. An unhealthy diet and lifestyle can damage not only your liver but your entire body in general.

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