Add these Drinks to Your Diet to Fight Aging

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Do you want to slow down the aging process? If that is the case, then you must add these drinks to your diet. You see, your diet plan should not only consist of foods, beverages are also necessary to stay healthy and young. Here are the top drinks to include to your diet to make you age slowly and fight the bad effects of aging.

1.       Water – According to Dr. Lodge;”Drink at the alarm guzzle water.” David E. Bank, M.D. and dermatologist in Mount Krisco, New York stressed the importance of hydration when he said;”Hydrating will help beat that groggy feeling and make your skin look its glowy best (both now and later in life).” This means that drinking water can help give you better complexion and radiant skin.

2.       Coffee – Based on multiple studies, drinking coffee during breakfast can help reduce the risk for cancer, heart disease and boost your metabolism.

3.       Green Tea – “Drinking green tea at lunch can improve your metabolism and help you fight breast cancer”, says Jonathan R. Cole, M.D., Medical Director of the California Health and Longevity Institute. Based from a research at the University of Western Australia;”Black coffee may lower blood pressure.”

4.       Hot Cocoa – Drinking hot cocoa in the evening is good for you because it is good for your heart and skin. Aside from that, it also contains plenty of antioxidants based from a study from Cornell University.

5.       Red Wine – Based from a report from the Journal of Biological Chemistry;”Drinking a glass of red wine at dinner is good for you. It’s because it contains Piceatannol which is a compound that your body produces when you drink wine. This compound can stunt fat cell growth thus slowing down the aging process.

6.       Milk – If you drink milk before bed time, the calcium is good for your bones and the protein present in it is good for your muscles. When you wake up in the morning, you will wake up stronger. Have at least one glass of milk before sleeping and you will be able to enjoy great health benefits and achieve better sleep.

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