A Weight Loss Success Story: Jackie Waters

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Jackie Waters used to drink three to four 32-ounce Diet Cokes per day. She used to dine out all the time and enjoy enormous portions. She ate whatever she wanted to eat, whenever she wanted to eat. She is 50 years old and has been overweight nearly her whole life, and having four sons – now ages 12 through 24 – didn’t help. She focused entirely on them and neglected herself. That’s how she got to 261 pounds.

Not anymore. In August, Waters decided to make lots of changes to turn her life around. She’s dropped about 30 pounds so far and is pushing for another 50 or so. U.S. News got wind of Waters’ transformation when they asked followers to post their weight loss success stories for the chance to win a prize that Waters wound up winning. The giveaway was part of an effort to stir excitement for the January launch of the 2014 Best Diets rankings.

The story Waters posted to Facebook, and the enthusiasm with which she told it, was so inspiring that we wanted know how she did it. Just the thought of turning 50 depressed Waters, and being overweight and 50 was going to be that much worse. She was miserable and seriously depressed. However, if she can turn 50 and feel the best she ever felt in her life, then she really needed weight loss.  What got her started was the Nutrisystem diet. Then she did a lot of research and looked at how many calories and fat grams they were feeding through the Nutrisystem.

She wanted to see what was in their products that stopped her from being hungry or having cravings. She found out that a lot of the foods were high-protein. So she stocked up on fruits and vegetables. Also she never ate breakfast ever. So she found out that you’ve got to eat breakfast. She also found out that one key is to eat five times a day. So she ate breakfast, a morning snack, lunch, an afternoon snack and dinner. It has been the easiest diet she’s ever been on in her life.

Her favourite breakfast is just plain old oatmeal with a tablespoon of peanut butter and chopped up strawberries. The rest of her diet consists of just 1,300 calories, a really low calorie diet with 35g of fat, 75g of protein, and 150g of carbs. She eats more fish, plus extra lean meat and a lot of chicken breast. It’s a lifestyle change for weight loss. And now that she’s almost 50 pounds lighter, she has more energy and able to fit into her smaller clothes.

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