A Diet that Fights Wrinkles

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Did you know that your skin is the largest organ in your body? It measures 20 feet in length. Although this might be the case, it is also considered the most vulnerable. The skin can look good while you’re still young, but once it has been exposed to UV radiation and oxygen’s oxidizing effects, it will start to become ugly. What usually happens when you age is that your skin becomes thinner, loses its volume, gets damaged easily and loses its elasticity. The worst part is that it becomes saggy and will wrinkle. What causes skin aging? There are three factors that cause it to become like that and they are; inflammation, lack of adequate blood flow and oxidative stress brought by sun-damage.

There is one way to beat oxidative stress and that is by eating foods that are rich in antioxidants. Plant-based foods are good examples of these foods and they should be added to your diet. Now if your diet is filled with saturated fat and cholesterol, this may lead to ischemia and inflammation thus making your skin wrinkle. Recent research revealed that eating plenty of vegetables, olive oil and legumes like soy, peas, beans and lentils can ward off the wrinkles on your skin. Aside from that, another new study also claims that green tea phytonutrients can serve as protection from UV radiation.

It can also help improve the quality of your skin. If you drink green tea for several months, there will be 16% reduction in your skin’s roughness. In addition, there will also be 25% reduction in scaling. This only goes to show that eating healthy foods and adding them to your diet can really give you healthier skin. That’s why you must start adding these foods to your diet now. You can experiment with them by using a wide variety of fruits and vegetables in your dishes. Use different ones everyday and notice how much you’ll grow to love them. To achieve youthful and glowing skin, you also need to avoid overexposure in the sun and do not do things that can be harmful to your skin like applying products to it which you don’t know very well.


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