8 Rules for Saturated Fat to Eat and Lose Weight

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New studies are now coming out that prove saturated fat is not the evil or bad guy we all thought it was. It doesn’t deserve the bad reputation it was previously given by medical and scientific professionals with no prior concrete evidence. So saturated fat is not evil incarnate in your food. But what does that mean for your diet to lose weight? These eight must-do’s for eating food with saturated fat cut through the confusion.

Load up on whole foods

If you eat mostly heart-healthy, nutrient-rich produce, whole grains, nuts, beans, and fish, then saturated fat shouldn’t be a problem.

Don’t overdo eating saturated fat

Saturated fat may not be a culprit, but it doesn’t offer the same health benefits as non-saturated fat. So don’t start cooking with butter or eating more meat. Fish, beans, and lentils are still healthier protein sources to lose weight.

Choose low-fat dairy

Low-fat milk and yogurt are good choices because they have fewer calories and just as much calcium and vitamin D.

Beware of health halos

Local organic cream is still cream, and it packs loads of calories. Foods like ice cream and bacon should be considered splurges. Products labeled “No saturated fat” may be full of sodium, sugar, and refined flour.

Don’t go loco for coconut

Choose vegetable oils such as canola and olive. Though some people are switching to coconut oil, there’s no evidence that it’s as beneficial as these oils are.

Steer clear of trans-fats

They’re very bad for your efforts to lose weight, and they mostly appear in processed foods. Avoid anything that has partially hydrogenated oils, a code name for trans-fats, in the ingredients list.

Consider your carbs

Get most of your carbo­hydrates from fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, not from sugary and refined starches, like crackers and desserts.

Treat yourself to dark chocolate

Indulge in a small piece, about one ounce, every day. The saturated fat in it won’t harm your health and efforts to lose weight. Chocolate packs flavonoids that act as antioxidants, protecting cells from damage.

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