2 Major Ways You’re Shooting Down Your Efforts to Lose Weight

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When we’re dead serious about weight loss all we have are good intentions for nutrition and health in what we eat and how we exercise. We all seek better health for ourselves when we go on efforts to lose weight, and sometimes we even go the mile to add so-called superfoods or miracle supplements to help our way towards our goal.

Unfortunately, there are some foods and even diet fads filled with unreliable information spread by peddling self-appointed gurus for the purpose of profiteering. There are also those money-oriented food and supplement companies that only want to sway us in the wrong way to behave in ways that have the opposite of the intended effect. In short, the very food and nutrition habits that we thought could make us lose weight or make us healthier actually wind up making us worse off.

Eating fiber-fortified processed foods to stop constipation

If you’re not moving your bowels regularly, this will leave you feeling bloated, gassy, and distended. However, instead of eating foods with beans or cabbage to get the fiber to loosen things, you’re afraid that it may only produce more gas or make you feel worse. What many people don’t know is that, in reality, processed fiber cereals, fiber bars, fiber breads, and even fiber rich yogurts are loaded with fructose and inulin, taken from chicory root fiber. These two ingredients will actually ferment in your guts and your gut flora will simple feast on them. So instead of the fiber getting things flowing, you only create excess gas and make the constipation worse. For better digestive tolerance and sluggish fiber and colonic motility, instead, eat a lot of oatmeal, berries, spinach, green leafy vegetables, carrots, quinoa, string beans, sweet potatoes, and nuts.

Taking probiotics or garlic for your Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO)

This is a condition wherein colonic bacteria take up residence en masse further upstream in the small intestine. The common misconception is that SIBO is an overgrowth of bad bacteria and so eat garlic or take probiotics to get rid of it. However, SIBO are simply good bacteria that migrated to the wrong intestine. So by taking garlic and probiotics, you’re only overgrowing them in an area too small for them. SIBO overgrowth may also contribute to excess fat storage, putting a crimp on your efforts to lose weight. The simple solution is to take an antibiotic prescribed by your doctor to flush out the excess bacteria, and with it, some of the excess fat as well.

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