How To Lose Weight Tips

If You’re Having Trouble to Lose Weight, Try These 5 Practical Solutions

Everyone who wants to lose weight will always face many challenges, and not just one or two. More often, these challenges are what makes people quit because they find the going really hard. So, to face these challenges, here are 5 practical solut [Read More]

These 5 Exercises are the Worst Moves to Lose Weight

There are good ways to lose weight, and of course there are the bad. The bad is almost unimaginable and you often wonder what makes people go for these really bad ways to lose those pounds. The bad list actually goes on and on; stomach clamping s [Read More]

To Add to Your Weight Loss Efforts You Can Benefit from Lunch Hour Walks

For added weight loss, fight off afternoon slumps in metabolism, and being more able to focus, take a walk during your lunch hour, right after you finish eating. New research has found that even a slight lunchtime stroll can immediately and effe [Read More]

If You Really Want to Lose Weight, Love May be the Answer

If you’re really serious to lose weight, or even stop smoking, or quit a bad habit like fidgeting, there is a real secret to a successful behavioral change, and ultimately a lifestyle change.  Have your partner or spouse join you in your quest [Read More]

365 Days Challenge

From broccoli and green beans to spinach and green peppers, count all the ways you can fill your plate with greens! Properly prepared, green veggies add color appeal to your meals. Cooked just until tender-crisp, they add flavor appeal. Besides th [Read More]

Though they aren’t sweet, avocados are actually fruit, and they have unheralded health benefits. Avocados provide heart-healthy folate; vitamins E, C, and B6; potassium; and soluble fiber. Their fat is mostly monounsaturated, the kind that’s hear [Read More]

If you read health headlines, you know that obesity is today’s top health epidemic. Why the alarm? Among other reasons, obesity has been cited as a major cause of death and disease, increasing the risks for heart disease, stroke, high blood pressur [Read More]

Your kitchen is stocked with vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables. Now, how do you get those nutrients to your dinner table? Store and prepare fruits and vegetables with care. Improper food storage and prep can leave some nutrients behind. To keep m [Read More]

Diet Foods and Fitness Tips

You Won’t Believe the Scary Amount of Pizza Kids Eat as Their Daily Diet

This is what happens when you frequently leave your kids by themselves, and you don’t take the time to monitor their daily diet. It’s an accepted fact now that pizza has crept into and has become part of the American diet. However, a new rese [Read More]

High Cholesterol in the Daily Diet Will Eventually Take Its Toll on the Body

In a new study by the cardiology department at the Duke University Clinical Research Institute, high cholesterol in the daily diet that will remain when you reach around the age of the 30’s or 40’s will increase the risk of heart disease. The [Read More]

Salt May Not Be the Enemy in Your Daily Diet After All

A new research study suggests that salt in the daily diet may have little or no effect on the risk for cardiovascular diseases and other diseases including gaining more weight. The research study was by the JAMA Internal Medicine department at Em [Read More]

Your Diet Can Help You Cut Down on Cancer Risk

Cancer is known as a disease that can haphazardly strike any time. However, research done over the past 40 years will show that some lifestyle factors like a healthy daily diet plays a huge role in decreasing the risks of cancer incidence. Here [Read More]