How To Lose Weight Tips

The Simple Guide for Every Girl Who Wants Weight Loss

Weight loss means sweat and discipline. Even if you’re not enrolled in a gym or running a marathon there are still simple ways you can have wonderful weight loss. Drink a glass of water to start every meal It will keep you from overeating [Read More]

Foods Proven that Will NOT Make You Lose Weight

The grocery stores and health food stores are more than enough to provide whatever is needed for daily diets that focus on how to lose weight. The problem is many of these so-called health foods may be healthy, but they pack on so much calories t [Read More]

Heat Stress Can Strike When Doing Outdoor Weight Loss Exercises

What is heat stress or heat stroke and how can it strike when you’re doing weight loss exercises? Heat stroke normally happens outdoors when there is extreme heat from direct sunlight and you are into extreme activities like exercising or runn [Read More]

What’s better for Weight Loss Exercises: Water or Sports Drinks?

Many people still can’t decide which is better when they exercise or if their on a weight loss regimen. Should they take a sports drink with them or just bring a jug of clean water?  According to research done at the Australian Institute of Sp [Read More]

365 Days Challenge

From broccoli and green beans to spinach and green peppers, count all the ways you can fill your plate with greens! Properly prepared, green veggies add color appeal to your meals. Cooked just until tender-crisp, they add flavor appeal. Besides th [Read More]

Though they aren’t sweet, avocados are actually fruit, and they have unheralded health benefits. Avocados provide heart-healthy folate; vitamins E, C, and B6; potassium; and soluble fiber. Their fat is mostly monounsaturated, the kind that’s hear [Read More]

If you read health headlines, you know that obesity is today’s top health epidemic. Why the alarm? Among other reasons, obesity has been cited as a major cause of death and disease, increasing the risks for heart disease, stroke, high blood pressur [Read More]

Your kitchen is stocked with vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables. Now, how do you get those nutrients to your dinner table? Store and prepare fruits and vegetables with care. Improper food storage and prep can leave some nutrients behind. To keep m [Read More]

Diet Foods and Fitness Tips

What You Can Improve or Take Away from Your Diet to Help Fight Cancer

You Can Still Eat Sweets People have this misconception that sugar causes cancer. Though cancer cells need a little sugar to grow, avoiding sugar completely will not prevent cancer. However, if you make an effort to have a well-balanced daily [Read More]

Want to Be Fit Like “The Rock?” Take His 7-Meal-a-Day Diet

Everyone knows Dwayne Johnson, a.k.a. “The Rock” and his 41-year old adult male muscular body at 260 pounds. His 6-foot-5-inch frame hardly registers a gram of fat, his frame mostly made of muscle. When his epic action film “Hercules” ope [Read More]

Are Organic Vegetables Really Better for Your Daily Diet?

The debate still rages on until now if organic crops truly have more nutrients and antioxidants than their commercial counterparts. Likewise, do commercial crops really contain more amounts of pesticides? According to a new study conducted recent [Read More]

A Good Balanced Diet is Important for Healthy Sperm

Can your diet actually affect the health of your sperm? According to a study conducted by Medical Fertility First in Sydney, Australia, one in six couples in Australia having difficulty becoming pregnant can be traced back to the couple’s actua [Read More]