How To Lose Weight Tips

Weight Loss Is Often Just a Matter of Going Back to the Basics

By now, we all understand that any diet control program needs to be supplemented with a fitness or exercise program to be sure of real weight loss. However, many people who have been accustomed to gym machines have completely forgotten the basics [Read More]

These Vegetables Will Save Your Life by Giving You Weight Loss

No matter what medical or health expert is approached on this topic, vegetables stand on the top of the food chain that will truly give you maximum health and weight loss. No other food group, perhaps with the slight exception of fruits, can make [Read More]

Fat Burning Supplements Proven to Make You Lose Weight

Certain supplements are proven by science and evidence to stimulate the body to lose weight by helping the body burn off stored fat. They even strengthen the defenses of the body’s immune system. However, no supplement can work to its maximum c [Read More]

Is it Good to Have Massage Therapy After a Heavy Weight Loss Exercise Routine?

When a person pulls a muscle, what does a therapist do? He massages the muscle. When you have back pains, what do you do? You get a back massage, right? When you have a headache due to migraine or tension, what is the first reflex action you do? [Read More]

365 Days Challenge

From broccoli and green beans to spinach and green peppers, count all the ways you can fill your plate with greens! Properly prepared, green veggies add color appeal to your meals. Cooked just until tender-crisp, they add flavor appeal. Besides th [Read More]

Though they aren’t sweet, avocados are actually fruit, and they have unheralded health benefits. Avocados provide heart-healthy folate; vitamins E, C, and B6; potassium; and soluble fiber. Their fat is mostly monounsaturated, the kind that’s hear [Read More]

If you read health headlines, you know that obesity is today’s top health epidemic. Why the alarm? Among other reasons, obesity has been cited as a major cause of death and disease, increasing the risks for heart disease, stroke, high blood pressur [Read More]

Your kitchen is stocked with vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables. Now, how do you get those nutrients to your dinner table? Store and prepare fruits and vegetables with care. Improper food storage and prep can leave some nutrients behind. To keep m [Read More]

Diet Foods and Fitness Tips

Herbal Supplements to Improve the Daily Diet and to Increase Metabolism

There are natural herbal extracts and supplements that can provide significant increase in the body’s metabolism and improve eating habits during the daily diet.  Most healthy and natural herbal supplements have multiple medical benefits, and [Read More]

Increasing Collagen Production by Improving the Daily Diet

For the uninitiated, collagen, together with elastin, are protein peptides that are responsible for the elasticity and strength of the skin, tissues, and connective tissues in the joints. The dermis just below the skin is responsible for the prod [Read More]

Add These Healthy Foods to the Daily Diet for Better Muscle Exercise Enhancement

Remember the time that we were still children and our mothers used to keep reminding us to eat the vegetables because it’s healthy? You can imagine the jagged face you used to make when you faced a plateful of veggies. Now that you’re a littl [Read More]

Diet Fundamentals When Choosing the Right Diet For Your Needs

When looking for a diet, it’s important to avoid fad diets. Every diet will not have the same effect on every person so it is important to ask a few important questions before starting any kind of diet program. It is incredibly important to fin [Read More]